Let’s move from what’s WRONG to what’s STRONG

I think it’s fair to say that most of us have at some stage during these unprecedented times, experienced a nagging headache, maybe the blues or simply fatigue after a bad night’s sleep. It is surprising how these seemingly little things can greatly affect our daily life. So, it makes sense that the big things in life like living with illness, the constant worry about our loved ones or the anxiety about our financial future often have an adverse effect on our emotional state and overall wellbeing.

Yet very few of us truly take care of ourselves. It is now more important than ever to take exceptional care of our bodies and minds. We need to therefor rewire our habits and self-care rituals to reflect our current circumstances but also our life goals and aspirations. It should contribute to our life – not add additional headaches.

The first step in rewiring our self-care rituals is to shift our thinking from what’s wrong to what’s strong!  You may be asking: “why is it so important?”

When we focus on what’s wrong three things happen:

  1. It opens a door for us to beat ourselves up every time we “think” we have done something wrong or not enough or not good enough;
  2. We are telling ourselves there is a weakness that needs repairing; which in turn-
  3. Makes us more reliant on treatment.

Let’s try the following exercise to make joy a reality..

Each of us have seven realms within which we operate (moderate / manage) – to a lesser or greater degree – on a daily basis. These are called self-management realms
Today’s Task

  • Divide each realm into two halves
  • Take each realm and connect to the feeling(s) that come up for you i.e. what’s working well for you and what is not working optimally or badly
    • If something is working well for you, you might feel peaceful, relaxed and even smile
    • If something is not working for you, your body might suddenly tense, you’ll feel anxious – perhaps even resentment towards a situation or person.
  • Look at all those “what’s wrong” boxes across the different realms and ask yourself: What is it that I can do to make it better – even in the tiniest way?” You cannot fix everything yourself. It’s ok to ask for help, care and support. But if we’re not willing to improve a situation all we’re really doing is complaining – and we know complaining isn’t attractive nor does it release any feel-good endorphins. So, sort that stuff and get it done, either by finding a solution or asking for help.



















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